plabt equipment

plant equipment

plant equipment

With the range of equipment in our plant, we can meet various customers’ needs. In particular, we have advantageous techniques in compression molding and Transfer molding.

And we have the flexibility to provide products ranging from small lots to mass production.

In addition, we handle encapsulation of large motors. Please ask us for any kind of thermosets.

300T double-acting compression press x2
200T double-acting compression press x1
100T double-acting compression press x4
70T double-acting compression press x3
50T double-acting compression press x2
150T two-stage transfer press x1
100T two-stage transfer press x1
100T transfer press x4
37T transfer press x1
30T tablet machine x1
10T tablet machine x1
High-frequency pre-heater x7
Normal lathe x1
Upright milling machine x1
Grinder x1
Clamp press x1
Automatic tapping machine x1
Drill press x11
Barrel x1
Dryer x2
Compressor x2
Refrigerated storage unit x1
Incubator 432 x1