Molding material

epoxy resin

Characteristics of epoxy resin

epoxy resin

Epoxy resin has excellent heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation properties. It also features easy coloring, a low percentage of shrinkage during curing, and high strength. Epoxy resin is mainly used for encapsulation, but it is also used for electrical and machinery components, as well as paints and adhesives.

As epoxy resin does not generate any volatile by-products when a mold is cured, the dimensional accuracy of molded parts is stable. It also has excellent electrical properties. Because epoxy is a highly fluid material, it can be molded at a relatively low pressure. Epoxy resin is suitable for molding intricately-shaped parts and can be used for insert molding.

Along with the development of the electronics industry in recent years, the demand for semiconductors and other electronic parts manufactured by transfer molding has been increasing.

Applications of epoxy resin

  • Electronic parts (encapsulation of printed circuit boards, resistors, and capacitors)
  • Encapsulation of semiconductors (encapsulation of transistors, IC, LSI, COB, PPGA and TAB)
  • Insulators, adhesives, paints, laminates

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We have met the following customers’ needs, based on customer requests.

[Customer request]
We want to encapsulate superconducting coils in epoxy resin.

There are few molding companies capable of encapsulating large coils. This customer was confronting a seemingly insurmountable obstacle due to the large size and intricate design of their product.

Specialized encapsulation jobs that are difficult for other companies to handle are an area in which we excel.

We commenced work upon receiving the details of their request, and were able to provide them with a mold they were satisfied with.

Customer request]
We want to place a magnet in an iron cap, apply a coating to a gap between the cap and the magnet, and to the absorption area.

Along with the development and spread of electronics industry, the demand for epoxy resin has been increasing. However, in reality, there are not many manufacturers who are capable of carrying out encapsulation with epoxy resin. We have met many such difficult requests from customers.

Effectively utilizing data and technology that we have accumulated through many years of experience in this field, we are capable of helping customers meet their needs, even when they want to develop a new product.

[Customer request]
We want to encapsulate a flexible printed circuit equipped with electronic parts in epoxy resin. Could you advise us how to choose an appropriate epoxy resin?

We always hear a customer’s request in detail, and then propose an optimal molding plan. In this case, after first holding further consultations with the customer about the required properties of the product, the budget, and quantity, we would suggest an appropriate resin.