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urea resin

Characteristics of urea resin

 urea resin

Whereas many plastics use petroleum products as raw materials, urea resin has also attracted much attention due to the fact that it uses urea as the raw material, which is inexpensive and readily available.

In addition to being a colorless and transparent solid material that is easily colored and can be finished beautifully, it is also hard and lightweight.

Furthermore, because it hardens rapidly and has strong adhesive properties, it is widely used as an adhesive for wood. Urea resin also has superior arc resistance, electrical insulation and flame restance; however, it has a drawback compared to other plastics in that it cracks easily when used in conjunction with metallic inserts.

Moreover, because it is a highly water-soluble material, there is a problem in that it has low resistance to water, making it unsuitable for use in close proximity to water, moisture, and so on.

As a thermoset plastic for use in molding, it is a material primarily used in the fabrication of electrical parts.

Applications of urea resin

  • wiring/lighting parts
  • wiring hardware
  • control parts
  • sliding parts
  • daily household items
  • caps
  • mahjong pieces
  • arc extinguishing chambers

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We are considering having a compression molding using urea resin

Urea resin is a colorless, transparent solid material that is easily colored and can be finished beautifully. Also, it is hard and lightweight.

However, the demand for urea resin itself is small, so at present there are few companies carrying out molding with urea resin. Our company does perform molding with urea resin, and we are happy to meet customers’ needs for small lot orders, or rare items.