Molding material

Melamine resin

Characteristics of melamine resin

Melamine resin has a high degree of surface hardness, water resistance, chemical resistance, and weather resistance, as well as superior strength, electrical insulation properties and the like. Because it is colorless and easily colorable, it is widely used as a material for the surface of decorative panels, and in paints for architectural materials, ship building materials, automobiles, etc.

Applications of melamine resin

  • Electrical/structural parts (wiring/lighting parts, plugs, outlets),
  • wiring hardware
  • control parts
  • sliding parts
  • electrical
  • electronic parts (power source switches, relay cases, breakers, table tops)
  • arc extinguishing chambers

Our Melamine resin products

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We have met the following customers’ needs.

[Customer request]
We are considering having a square panel with 10cm sides and a thickness of 1cm molded from melamine resin (or urea resin).

Melamine resin and urea resin both share the common features of being colorless and easily colorable. This request calls for a material that has the features of melamine resin (or urea resin).