Order example

We have met the following customers' needs, based on customer requests.

Unsaturated polyester resin(SMC,BMC)

[Customer request]
We want a stack of a number of metal sheets separated by a uniform interval formed as an integral body with unsaturated polyester resin (insert molding).

In addition to standard molding processes, we are happy to meet customers’ needs for more complex molding processes when they arise.

Since our motto is “Small quantity, many types of products”, we would like to satisfy your requests for fabrication of molded products that other companies would be reluctant to take on.

We provide products that make maximum use of the characteristics of the resins from which they are molded.

[Customer request]
We would like to mold a casing for a separator unit that is to be placed in a well.

Because the casing was of a large dimension, we used compression molding (direct pressure molding) and fabricated the casing according to the customer’s specifications.

Few manufacturers today deal with compression molding, and we are happy to be able to meet customers’ needs in this field.

[Customer request]
We are looking for a manufacturer who can encapsulate a coil with BMC.

At present the number of manufacturers capable of carrying out encapsulation with BMC (an unsaturated polyester resin) is extremely small. We do have this capability.

Not only BMC encapsulation, but handling other types of molding processes and tasks that other companies find too difficult or are reluctant to accept are strength of ours, so please feel free to consult us on any type of molding project that you like.